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High Risk Businesses

Safe, affordable credit card processing
for high-risk merchant accounts

High Risk Merchant Account

At Green Line Processing, we give every business the chance to flourish
with our high-risk credit card processing.


An easy-to-use merchant solution

For any business

Our transparent, intuitive credit card processing services are flexible and customizable enough for businesses of all sizes and types. Whether you’re a brick-and-mortar store, an online retailer, or a pop-up boutique, Green Line Processing has a solution that understands your business realities.

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Safety and security at your fingertips

POS solutions

Safety and security at your fingertips

From encryption to tokenization, we keep consumer data safe throughout every point in the transaction. Over half of global
internet users are more concerned about their privacy now than they were in the past. With Elavon, you can rest assured
that your customers have a secure mobile payment experience.

Payments GATEWAY Solution- anytime, anywhere

Online Payments

Payments GATEWAY Solution- anytime, anywhere

The Converge® payment gateway is a global, omnicommerce platform that enables payment acceptance online, in-person, and via mobile devices.
Advanced security solutions include encryption, tokenization, and fraud rules to secure card data. Our powerful
API offers flexible integration options and the user interface is simple to navigate.

Mobile payment processing solution

Mobile Solutions

Mobile payment processing solution

On-the-go mobile payment processing lets you take your business wherever and whenever your customers want to buy. With talech Mobile
you can accept payments via compatible mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, so your customers can easily pay
at the counter, during pop-up sales and on the road.

Guaranteed flexible and innovative solutions using the <br> best available payment technology.

High Risk Merchant Accounts

Guaranteed flexible and innovative solutions using the
best available payment technology.

These terminals are all-in-one solutions with an integrated PIN Pad and printer. Phone lines and internet connections
are not required to take advantage of our mobile payment solutions.