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High-Risk Merchant Accounts


High-Risk businesses

Solutions for high-risk industries

What does “high-risk” really mean?

“High-risk” is a term that banks assign to certain business types and industries that they deem too risky to work with. Reasons a business might be considered high-risk include:

  • Elevated chargeback risk
  • Poor credit or unstable financials
  • Atypical products or services
  • Delivery delays after purchases are made
  • Industries considered controversial

Once a major bank has determined that your business is high-risk, it’s essentially impossible for you to acquire a merchant account with a traditional merchant service provider (MSP). Instead, you’ll need to delve into the complex world of high-risk merchant service providers and accounts.

Understanding how merchant accounts work

To understand high-risk, let’s first dive into how merchant accounts work in general.

Green Line Processing (merchant service providers) can provide credit card processing services to businesses, institutions, and any organizations that process payments. Part of our role is to function as an intermediary between these businesses and banks. Merchant Service Provider or better known as MSPs help merchants submit their merchant account application to a bank and negotiate approval.

This process is typically very straightforward and simply a matter of agreeing upon rates and fees. While a good MSP can negotiate better rates for your business, the bank always gets the final say.

However, when a merchant is in a high-risk industry, things get more complicated. Traditional MSPs can’t land you the contracts you need, and MSPs that claim to be experts in high-risk often aren’t telling you the whole story.

High-risk MSPs—not all are created equal
Finding a suitable high-risk credit card processor for your business can be a rollercoaster ride. While many MSPs promise they can get you an account, most only work with one bank—and most banks are only willing to open a limited number of high-risk merchant accounts. As a result, you can end up stuck for weeks at a time, experiencing the high when a new MSP says they can help you and the low when the bank nixes your application.

Green Line Processing

High-Risk Merchant Accounts

Our unique approach allows us to offer credit card processing and merchant accounts for even the most hard-to-approve businesses. We partner with numerous banks, all of whom are willing and ready to work with hundreds of high-risk industry types and provide domestic and offshore account options.

Don’t waste your time with an MSP that can’t meet your needs. At Green Line Processing, we provide fast, legitimate approvals and processing solutions for organizations of all kinds. Discover what it’s like to work with an MSP that believes in your business!


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