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C4: Credit Card Cost Control

70% of Americans prefer to use a card, can you afford to not take it?

There are many ways to optimize your costs and improve your take home profit. That might be why you’ve considered not accepting credit cards at your business. However, when over 70% of Americans prefer to use a card, you may want to reconsider. Not accepting credit or debit cards means forcing your customers to either use cash or check, or choose to leave and not come back at all. If you think there has to be a middle ground between no cards or no customers, you’re right. And Credit Card Cost Control (C4) may just be the answer for your business.

Our zero-cost acceptance program makes your cost for credit card acceptance free. How? By charging the cardholder, instead of your business, a 3.5% fee on every credit card transaction at the time of sale. No matter the credit card brand or credit card product, you can reliably accept credit card payments without wondering how much you’ll pay in card acceptance costs. Plus, with C4 you get a flat rate debit card acceptance cost of just 1% + $0.25 per transaction. All you need to get started with C4 is one of our newest smart terminals from Ingenico. Take charge, literally and figuratively, with confidence through the predictability of our C4 acceptance cost program.

Zero-cost credit card acceptance is now possible.

Supported Regions

All United States regions except for:

  • Colorado
  • Massachusetts
  • Connecticut
  • Oklahoma
  • Kansas
  • Puerto Rico
  • Maine

Supported Terminals

  • Tetra Desk3500
  • Tetra Desk5000
  • Tetra Move5000

Processing Details

  • C4 works on all major credit card brands
  • Debit card transactions are always
  • Fee only charged if a cardholder uses a credit card. C4 does not apply to debit cards or government-issued prepaid cards.
  • If a return is issued on a C4 transaction, a proportional amount of the fee will be returned as well.